Editing courses and classes

As you may already know, most of the information from a course is carried over into the classes within that course. Much of that information from the course, such as title and description, can only be edited within the course, and not within the class. Therefore, if you wish to change either of these details for a class, you will need to do so within the course. 

In cases where you simply wish to change a class time, or the fee, you are able to do so within each specific class. 

Editing a course

First find the course you wish to edit, either by searching for it or by clicking on the specific course link. 

Once you are in the course detail page, you will see an edit button. Clicking this will bring you to the edit course page. 

From here, you have the ability to change any information that was originally input, or to add information you had not entered when creating the course. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click save.


Editing a class 

Find the class you wish to edit. Once you are on the class detail page, find the "I want to..." dropdown menu. From here, select "edit this class."

From here you will be able to edit any information directly related to this individual class, remembering that the title and description are non editable from the class level. 

Once you are satisfied with your changes, click save.

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