Configuring High School Diploma Requirements

To configure high school graduation/diploma requirements, first create all the academic subject high school courses and classes.  When you create the course/class for a subject such as Algebra IA, assign that course to an ALGEBRA course group.

Do the same for English, Math, Economics, Electives, etc.

Next go to FIND/CREDIT PROGRAMS and click "Add New".

  1. Enter Program Name - High School Diploma
  2. Enter Description - High School Diploma
  3. Check the Calculate GPA checkbox
  4. Click the SAVE button
  5. Now go to Add New Requirement Group and click on Add From Existing Group
  6. Search for the first group you wish to enter such as "English"
  7. Enter the number of credits required for that group then click the plus sign.
  8. Do the same for each course group.  Build the requirements in the order you'd like them to appear on a graduation status check report.



Here's an example of a completed set of high school diploma requirements.



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