Properly dropping a student on an unpaid invoice

Dropping a student on an unpaid invoice is valuable for instances such as when an invoice was created in error or an enrollment had been made that should not have been. This allows for the invoice to show a line item fee of $0, thus not counting against your A/R aging report. This also shows the student as now owing any money for a class they are not attending.

One of the first things that should be noted when trying to remove an enrollment from the invoice is to never delete the item from the invoice. This currently will not remove the enrollment and only the line item on the invoice itself. This will also not change the enrollment status.

Secondly, avoid using the button "Mark invoice as VOID and Unenroll",  which will drop the enrollment from class details page, but some line items on the invoice will not be affected.


What you would need to do is go into the class details page to generate the dropped enrollment. 


Once you have selected the class you would like to have the enrollment dropped from, find the student and select "Drop".


There will be a couple of options for you to choose from. Let's go over what each of them do:

  • Nothing - This will just drop the student from the class. This will have no effect on the invoice itself.
  • Give Full Credit - This will give full credit to the entire invoice item. This credit is counted against the line item itself and is a credit given to the student's account.
  • Give Partial Credit - This will perform the same way as the previous but will allow you to choose the amount back to the account.
  • Give Full Refund -  This action will give a full refund back to the account. This is the best option when trying to refund an item back to it's original payment type.

Once you have made your desired selection, you will be redirected to the page you choose. In this example, the page you will be sent is to the invoice you are editing. After you have dropped the student, you will be brought back to the invoice detail page with the line item shown as $0.00. If there is nothing else on the invoice besides the one class, the invoice will update the status to show as PAID. If for whatever reason the invoice does not display the line item as $0.00, you can update this information using our Make Adjustment tool.


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