Transfer students

There are many cases when you may wish to transfer a student from one class to another, and also multiple ways of doing so. We will go through each method individually. 

Transfer student from class detail page 

A very simple method of transferring a student is from the class detail page. First find the class you wish to transfer the student from, and find the student's name on the Class Roster tab. 

Once you click the 'transfer' link, you will be brought to the student transfer page. Here you will see a box that will allow you to search for the class you wish to transfer the student into. You can filter by customer group or by course, or search by class title. Click the 'search' button.

Once you have located the class you wish to transfer this student into, click on the class. If the new class has a different cost than the original class, you will see here either the amount due or the amount to be refunded, depending on the cost difference. You may select the checkbox titled "Carry existing discounts over to the new class" if any discounts still apply after the transfer.

Once you have looked over the details, click 'commit student transfer.' 

You will then be redirected to the new invoice and the transfer will be complete. 

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    Janette Bauchou

    When were these instructions written? I tried to follow them but there is no option to transfer the students when I go to the class details.

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