How do I let my students pay an invoice from an email?

Let's say you want your customers/students/parents to be able to pay the invoice immediately upon receiving the email from you. You can do this by modifying your Payment Due Email Template and inserting a token.

Oh, and this reminds me... you should periodically review your Email Templates like Payment Due and Payment Template to ensure they look good and also include important information (notices, info, marketing, etc.).

How do I insert this?

  1. Click Configure | Manage Emails
  2. Click Manage My Email Templates link at bottom of page
  3. Click edit next to Payment Due Template
  4. Somewhere on the template, probably towards the bottom, insert the following "link token": {paymentLink}. 

You do not need to add any text. The following is what displays when you insert that link token:

Click here to make a payment

This will be a link direct to that invoice to allow student to make a payment without having to login first.

Example: the following is what I used as my notice at the bottom of my Payment Due Template:

To pay this invoice... {paymentLink}

Which shows as: 

To pay this invoice... Click here to make a payment

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    Robert B. Haase

    How can we preview the email template to be sure the language ["link token": {paymentLink} ] works? I want to see it in action and there is no "preview" ability that I can see.

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    Paul Spencer

    That would be very helpful. By the way Robert, I guess you've tried it by now, but I'm taking it that the text "link token": isn't part of the code, but just part of the sentence.

    Edited by Paul Spencer
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