CalWORKS and Concurrent HS student attendance data

If you need to send attendance data for CalWORKS or a high school, there are three reports available.

1. Total attendance by day per student within a date rangeOne report that shows total hours per student for each day across a date range or . ASAP provides a single total attendance amount per day for each student across all classes. 

This is perfect for the monthly CalWORKS report you may have to submit. 

How run: Go to Master Reports | Miscellaneous and click "Total attendance by by day per student within a date range". Choose the filters and a Customer Group. If you want ALL students, not just CalWORKS or Concurrent HS, select Customer Group = All. Enter a date range. **PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ENTERING EXTREMELY LARGE DATE RANGES FOR CUSTOMER GROUP = ALL**.



2. Customers with attendance within selected date range for selected Customer Group: this report provides the total number of attendance hours for each student within the selected Customer Group (e.g. CalWORKS) for the date range. ** Please note: all attendance, regardless of course, course group, curriculum, will be counted.

The results can be exported by clicking the Excel icon on the results grid. To print, format and print or just use the data.

3. Single Student Attendance Report - either one student at a time from Student Details or from Master Reports | Attendance Reports | Single Student Attendance. You can select a Customer Group and a date range to get a separate page per student.

  • Have option to not print a signature line - check the box to not print
  • Show absences by checking box. The default only displays attendance, not absences. Absences will display the Class Start Time and Class End Time with "0" as hours.
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