Export records / data to Excel or group the results on screen

Certain reports have a built in functionality to sort and group your results by a chosen field. In fact, the Student Report comes out by default grouping by "Last Name". Its great to view the results, but when you export to Excel, the data comes out just like it looks... great on paper, useless in Excel.

So how do I rectify this? So my data goes to Excel in a neat format? You remove the grouping! Click the "X" in the little box. Then export to Excel.

Do you want to group by a different column? Drag a column header to the grey bar at the top. The first one you drag will be the primary group, the 2nd one will be the secondary grouping, and so on...

Happy grouping and exporting!


Student Report

Class Summary

Enrollment Report

And many more. Look for that grey row at the top.

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