Using the Teacher's Assistant app

The ASAP Teacher's Assistant app let's you check your schedule, record/submit attendance, and communicate with your students, all from your mobile phone. 

UPDATE Sept 10, 2018: please note that the proper URL is httpS://

Accessing the app

Teacher's Assistant is a web-based application, meaning you access it from your phone's browser rather than downloading it from the app store. To use the app:

  1. go to on your phone
  2. enter your org ID and your regular ASAP username and password
  3. before you login, check the "Remember me" check box. That will prevent you from having to re-enter your org ID and username every time you use the app.

After you have logged in and you can see your schedule you should bookmark the app so you can access it whenever you want. Click here for instructions on how to bookmark the app if you need them.

Viewing your schedule

After you login the first thing you'll see is your schedule for today. Move the page up or down with your finger to see dates in the future or in the past.

As you move up or down, notice how the date for the events you're viewing sticks to the top of the screen. That's how you know where you are in your schedule.

Do you see the orange dot next to your class titles? That dot indicates that you have not recorded attendance for that class yet. The dot makes it easy to find which classes you still need to take attendance for.

Once you take attendance for a class, the dot will disappear.

Taking attendance

To take attendance for a class, just touch the name of the class in your schedule and the app will take you to the attendance page for that class.

The attendance page will look slightly different depending on whether you are viewing a group class or a private lesson.

A couple of important notes:

1. You can't enter attendance for classes in the future

2. You can't enter attendance if your organization has processed payroll for the date that the class or lesson took place

(When a class is in the future or payroll has been processed for it and you try to enter attendance for it, you will see a red lock and the words "Attendance Locked" on the attendance page for that class.)

You CAN edit attendance that you have already entered if you entered it incorrectly. Just click on the name of the class again, edit the attendance, and click the "Modify Attendance" button.

Attendance for group classes

To take attendance for a group class, just touch the checkbox next to all of the names of the students who are present, then click the Submit Attendance button at the bottom of the page.

If most or all of your students are present, you can touch the checkbox at the very top of the list of students. That will mark all students present. Then you can uncheck any students who are not present before clicking the Submit Attendance button.

Attendance for private lessons

To take attendance for a private lesson, touch the button next to the appropriate option on the page, then click the Submit Attendance button.

Contacting your students

You can send an email to all of the students in a class or a lesson my clicking the email icon on the attendance page for that class or lesson.

In addition, you can call or text a student enrolled in a private lesson by clicking the phone or text message icons as seen below.

Have an idea for the app?

If there's a feature you'd like to see us add to the app ("I want to reschedule lessons from my phone!"), or if you're experiencing issues, please leave a comment in the Teacher's Assistant section of our community forum and someone will respond to you shortly.

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