Credit Card Swiper / Reader for inputting credit card data

Support for USB Credit Card Swiper is available

If you or your staff spend any amount of time hand-entering credit card information into ASAP, head over to right now and purchase the MagTek Dynamag Secure Credit Card Reader. All you have to do is plug the USB cable into your computer and you're in business. At this time we only support this one specific device, so make sure you purchase the one we're linking to above. If you already have one on hand, give it a try but test it first to be sure ASAP reads the data correctly.

*** PLEASE NOTE: be sure the zip code of the billing information is the same one for the card since we do verify that when trying to process the credit card.


Click your cursor into the long, blank white box (either POS View | Pay Credit Card OR Invoice Detail | Make Online Payment). Swipe card. You will not see the CVV. The student record must have the correct zip code (you have to enter to match the card) and the swiper enters the card number and expiration. You do not need the CVV* on the admin console. Click process.

* Note: Your merchant account must be set where the CVV is not required. If you use Recurring Billing and/or Payment Plans, your merchant account must not require the CVV regardless. We do mandate the CVV on all Public Portal transactions.


*** If you want to get a student signature for the credit card charge, print out two copies of the receipt and have them sign your copy. Keep this in the file. 

AM I REQUIRED TO HAVE STUDENT SIGN THE RECEIPT? That is between you and your merchant provider. However, ASAP uses a single merchant account that is classified as a "Card Not Present" merchant account. So you may not need the signature, but it is probably best practices to get it.

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