Participating in the ASAP beta program

Welcome to the ASAP beta program page! You're here because you want to try out a new feature that hasn't been made available to the public yet.

To learn more about beta testing, continue reading. Otherwise you can skip to the list of available beta features below.

What is a "beta" feature?

Software feature goes through several staging of testing. The first stage, known as the alpha stage, is performed internally by our quality assurance team.

A feature moves into the beta stage after our internal team approves it. By making beta test versions of our features available to a wider audience we can give it a "real-world" test before we release it to the public.

Current ASAP beta features

ASAP Teacher's Assistant

What is it? A web-based application that lets your instructors record and submit attendance and check their schedules from their smart phones. Instructors can also communicate with their students if the student is enrolled in a private lesson.

How do I sign up? Login to ASAP , then click this link. You will automatically be added to our list of interested participants and you will be contacted if we select you to participate in the program.

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