Entering attendance for a class

Taking attendance for a class is easy.

  1. On home screen, click name of class in the Schedule tab or name of class on Group Classes tab and then Attendance Options | Take Attendance
  2. On home screen, under the Schedule and Group Classes tabs is option "Take Attendance For" and select Group Classes and then click "Go"
  3. Go to Class Details and select Attendance Options | Take Attendance.
  4. Select Tools from the left navigation and choose Class Attendance. This requires teacher to find the class(es) they want to take attendance for by using the date range and search options.

To enter attendance, review: Guides for your Faculty, Instructors & Teachers. There is also the new mobile attendance option: Using the Teacher's Assistant app

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    Karen Lang

    1 WAY TOO SLOW when unchecking students who're absent!!
    2 nice and quick when changing the hours present for someone who leaves early,,,thank you!
    3 why doesn't it know who I am when I email students. Why must I type in my email all over again in the "FROM" area?
    4 why can't it tell me who those emails belong to (in recipients) so I can see who I'm emailing to?
    5. it's too difficult to go back and put in back attendance for students who have been in the class for a few weeks but just got enrolled up at the main office.
    6. it's way more cumbersome to see a whole week at a time than the prior system. I don't discover until final report that I've missed entering a day.
    7. In fact in every detail it's a nightmare for TEACHERS as compared to last year's model ( only new good feature I've found so far is being able to email students and that is far from ready for Prime Time. )
    8. I am trying to have faith that this system will get more TEACHER FRIENDLY. I hear our main office is having conumdrums, too.
    9. TEACHERS don't get paid for the time spend entering attendance so when it takes 7 minutes to do, now, as opposed to 2 minutes last year that is very aggravating.

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    Cindy Loo-Garcia

    Hi Karen,
    We really appreciate the feedback. Thanks for taking the time. We wanted to follow up your points so I've numbered them to coincide with your listing above.
    1. Definitely an issue with the check / uncheck. This is on our roadmap and is going to be resolved shortly to help speed things up significantly.
    2. Great to hear!
    3. Not pulling your email from the staff record is a bug and we have filed it to be addressed. Thanks for letting us know.
    4. In the emails, we note the names in the Recipient List at the top of the email wizard page. If there is no email on record for the student, we do not load anything.
    5. Your school does not currently have any restriction on attendance access. So all you need to do is to pick a date from the date picker and enter the attendance for those students.
    6. You can use the Attendance Details report available right from the Roster Page and the Attendance Page to see just about anything you want.
    Thanks for the other points. We are working hard to address reported issues and appreciate the feedback we get from our clients.

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