Restrict the amount of time | days teachers have to input attendance

You have the ability to restrict the amount of time staff | instructors have to enter | input | edit attendance records. You will turn on the restriction and also enter the number of calendar days teachers can access the class attendance. 

To turn on a restriction (back days):

Go to Configure | Preferences. Under Payroll & Attendance, Edit and then check box Attendance Restriction Days. Enter the number in the box to the right. Click save.

What does the # of days mean? A "0" means today only. A "1" means one day back, as in today and you can do yesterday's attendance. And so on.

Who is restricted? 

Anyone who does not have User Access = Create/Modify Classes will be restricted. Meaning most administrators will have full access while instructors would be restricted. Manage this by going to Configure | User Access and select the User Type.


What is restricted?

Only Class Attendance based on the Schedule is restricted. Hourly Attendance (aka The Hour Pounder) is not affected. Attendance can be entered for any date in the past via the Hour Pounder.

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