Entering hourly attendance outside of scheduled class dates

Sometimes you need to enter extra hours for students. Those hours might consist of make-up time, extra hours in the lab, externship hours, community hours, volunteer hours, independent study hours, distance learning hours, etc. These hours are done outside of normal scheduled class time. 

Enter these on our Hourly Attendance Page:

  1. From Class Details, click Attendance Options | Take Hourly Attendance


  1. From Class Attendance, click the link at top right "Go To Hourly Bulk Attendance Page"
  2. From Tools, click Attendance (Bulk Hourly)

On the Hour Pounder (our fun name for it), be sure to select the class. Then, be sure to select the type of attendance you are entering. In the top right, you will see a dropdown called Attendance Type. Each hour will be uniquely flagged as belonging to that category and can be reviewed / reporting on individually.



CC --> Community Classroom, otherwise known as volunteer externship (unpaid)

CVE --> Community Vocational Education, otherwise known as paid externship

Distance Learning --> learning done via units/study outside the classroom

Independent Study --> independent learning done on student's own time

Lab --> lab time

Make-Up --> usually student making up scheduled class time that was missed

Private Lesson --> entering make-up hours for lessons

Select a date from calendar to see an entire week.

Enter time in the default box at the top or enter hours into each day / per student. You can enter 2.30 or 2:30 for 2 hours, 30 minutes. You can enter up to 23:59 per day.

SAVE: be sure to click Save in the top right corner


Note that each student has a small icon next to their name. Click that icon and you can enter hours for that student over a wider range of time.

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