What are Customer Groups?

Customer Groups are a way of categorizing students into groups for reporting, discounting, analysis, grant reporting, etc. 

In ASAP Version 2, they used to be called Student Types. 

California Adult Schools have default Customer Groups that ASA populates. These must not be touched, deleted or changed. We use these for Perkins reporting, TOPS | TE | CASAS integration and other requirements. 

If you want to use more groups or create different categories, add as many as you want to the list. Click Configure | Customer Groups and click Add New. 

To add students to Customer Groups, you can do it from 1) the Groups tab on Student Detail, 2) Reg Forms by selecting Customer Group to show on the form, or 3) from Configure | Customer Groups.


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    Janet Belo

    Sometimes our students take a class for elective credit but the class is assigned to a specific program. For example they might take Language Arts for elective credit. How can I edit the grade the grade to elective credit instead of Language Arts.

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