Processing a refund in ASAP takes very few steps to do and it's a great way to rectify incorrect invoices or issues when a registrant would like their money back. Follow the steps below to ensure you are processing a refund correctly.

The first step when processing a refund is to perform this action on the invoice detail page. There are options when dropping a student to process the refund on that particular page, but the best option would be process it on the invoice itself as you are able to see where the refund is happening and which payment type it is pointing towards. Once on the invoice detail page, you can find this link in the Actions drop down on the invoice:

Once you select this link, you are brought to a new page with some more options on how to handle the refund:

Going through this page, there are few different sections that need to be filled out in order to properly process the refund.

For step 1, you would select on the drop down "Select a transaction to refund:" which payment transaction you are refunding. In this example, I want to refund the $125 that was paid with in cash. You have the ability to refund back towards in form of payment type. If the student initially paid using a credit card, selecting "Credit Card" will process the refund towards the card used in the transaction.  

For step 2, this outlines how that particular payment was allocated to the invoice. Since I am refunding the entire amount, I've entered $125. You may enter any partial amount as well if say, there is a non-refundable service fee for your class. If you enter an amount that's less than $1, you'll need to make sure to put a leading 0 in front of it. For example, you'll need to type in '0.50' instead of '.50'.

For step 3, I am selecting which payment type I would like to refund towards. In this instance, since the original payment was with cash, I am refunding it back to that source. Any different payment types can be selected such as Credit Card, Check, Cash, Offline Credit Card, Other, Credit, and any other payment type configured in your system. I've also left a note on why this refund had been processed.

Once all these required fields are entered in, select "Process Refund" and you will be brought back to the invoice detail page. Here is the refund highlighted on the "Invoice Transaction Details" area. If you ever run into a situation where you accidentally processed the refund towards the incorrect payment type, you can follow this article here to change it: How do I change the payment method on a transaction record? Just a note, this can only occur for payments made not using your payment gateway (ie. offline transactions such as cash, check, or credit to the account)

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    I gave a credit card refund and the student said he has not received the funds and its been more that 20 days. When I checked his invoice it shows CCOFF(what does that mean and where is the money?)

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    Susanna Kemp

    CCOFF is the offline Credit Card option. That means that it was not refunded to the card that the student paid with. (Offline Credit Card allows you to use a credit card processor like Stripe or Square, outside of ASAP, and then record the transaction in ASAP). In this case, you should refund the student direct from your credit card processor.

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