What do I do when a student graduates from our school with a HSD diploma?

When a student graduates from your school with a high school diploma, you need to record that in several places to be sure it affects all necessary items.

  1. Reg Form | Diploma Earned & Date --> find the student, edit the student record and select the appropriate Reg Form that will show the Diploma Earned and Diploma Date field. Check the box and record the date. Save the student form.
    1. This will impact reporting, J18/19, etc.
  2. Display the diploma date on the transcript --> to show the diploma date on the transcript record, you must record the diploma date on the Credit Program.
    1. Go Student Details, click the Credits tab.
    2. Select the appropriate Credit Program and then enter the Diploma Date. This will cause this date to be printed on the transcript. Click save.
  3. TOPS Update Record --> be sure to mark on the student's TOPS Update record they earned a high school diploma.  Go to Class Detail page/I want to 'Manage CASAS TOPS'.  Click the Update link for the student you wish to record as "Earned high school diploma".



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