Edit the enrollment date & time of a student

You can edit the enrollment date & time of a student. To do this, go to Class Details, and on the Roster tab, click the Edit button on the far right side. 

A popup will appear and you can change the date and/or time. You can use the calendar selector or enter a date manually. The time can be done via the clock or enter a time by typing such as 2.30pm for 2:30 PM or 8.15am for 8:15 AM.

Be sure to click Save

Why would I edit this? 

You may want to record the actual date/time of enrollment. Many organizations can't keep up with the initial registrations and end up processing enrollments after classes already started. Attendance and everything else in ASAP doesn't care about enrollment date/time. Instructors can still take attendance, drop, etc. even if enrollment date is late. But if you want it to really show when the student enrolled, you can. 

* NOTE: changing this date does not affect the invoice date. 

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    Angelina M. Cabrera

    I need to change the enrollment date for After School Program. How can this be done?
    We have students who were entered this year, 2016, but actually enrolled in 2015. We want their tax statements to reflect payments in 2015.

    What is the solution for invoices because I can't back date an invoice either?

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