Missing Attendance Report by Class

There are two reports to see missing attendance.

  1. Missing Attendance Report --> shows students who do not have attendance for scheduled class days based on select criteria
  2. Missing Attendance Report by Class --> shows teachers and classes that are missing attendance on a schedule day.

The "by Class" report lets you pick filters / criteria as well as a date range. Any class where there is no attendance for any student will appear as missing. You have two options to view the results.

  1. Details --> this will show every scheduled date with no attendance, grouped by teacher. This will give you a quick glance of who is not entering attendance, for what classes on what days.
  2. Summary --> this will show the calendar where each column is a date within the date range. If the class is missing attendance on a scheduled date, there will be an "x" in the date field for that class. 



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