Dropping a Student and giving a Refund/Credit

You may have run into a problem where students have made a payment to a class but the it ends up being cancelled. Well, what are your next steps to help out your customer? There are few things that need to be taken care of on the back end first before we can make make sure the student is refunded their moneys.

First step would be to pull up the initial invoice. As we can see in this example below, we have a partially paid invoice for this particular class:

The next step would be to go into the class details page. This can be easily accessed by clicking on the class name on the line item of the invoice. Let's check out the next page when clicking on the class details name:

As you can see here, we have our student enrolled but we need to drop him. The next step is to select "Drop" in the same row as the student's name.

Once "Drop" is selected, we are brought to a new menu for you to may a selection. Let's start off by going over the first drop down. There will be a couple of options for you to choose from. Let's go over what each of them do:

What shall we do with the existing invoice?

  • Nothing - This will just drop the student from the class. This will have no effect on the invoice itself.
  • Give Full Credit - This will give full credit to the entire invoice item. This credit is counted against the line item itself and is a credit given to the student's account.
  • Give Partial Credit - This will perform the same way as the previous but will allow you to choose the amount back to the account.
  • Give Full Refund -  This action will give a full refund back to the account. This is the best option when trying to refund an item back to either cash or check. This will NOT ALLOW you to refund to any other option. 

Drop Reason:

  •  In this area, you are given different generic categories that you can pre-select as to the reason why the Drop is performed. Other options can be configured by going into Configure > Setup Data.

Drop Date:

  •  You can set the date that the drop will be performed. 

Issuing a Partial/Credit Card Refund:

As you may have noticed, there are no options to select a partial refund or refund to a credit card. How do we proceed next? Well, the next procedure is a little confusing but we are going to have to issue the refund on the invoice detail page. First off, we would need to keep that drop down selected at "Nothing". The next step if all other boxes are completed would be to select under the "Where shall we redirect you next?" would be to the "Invoice Detail" page. 

After selecting "Drop Student", we are now brought back to the invoice detail page. From here, you would process a refund normally through the invoice. If you are unsure of how to do this, please follow this link as a refresher on how to do one: Refunds

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