A class grade or credit does not show on my Credit Program transcript?

Whether this is for a Credit Program like CTE, High School Diploma or anything, if a student has a class enrollment in ASAP that has a grade and credit and it is not showing up on the appropriate transcript, you should check the following:

  1. Course Group: go to the Course (Find | Course). Verify that the Course is assigned to the requirement group that is part of the Credit Program.
  2. Credit Program: go to the Credit Program (Find | Credit Program) and verify that the course is in the correct Credit Program and is assigned to the correct Course Group (see below -- I wanted to verify that English 11 was assigned to English and any grade or credit entered onto an enrollment in any English 11 class would show on the Transcript).

Most cases, you will find that the Course is not assigned to the correct Course Group. Once assigned, the grade/credit will appear on the transcript in that Credit Program.

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