How do I enter records into the External Transcript?

There are two ways to enter a record onto the transcript.

A.  Enter a record into the student's External Transcript Records

  1.   Find the student and click the Transcripts tab on Student Detail.
  2.   Scroll down to External Records and click EDIT EXTERNAL RECORDS.  A new window will pop-up.
  3.   Click ADD NEW RECORD and enter the class data.  
  4.   Continue to click ADD NEW RECORD for each class entry.  
  5.   When done, click SAVE CHANGES.  If you prefer, you can also click SAVE CHANGES after each new class entry.

** The Credit Course Group field is the most important. You must select the correct Course Group Requirement for the record to be associated with the correct Credit Program and the correct requirement within the Credit Program.

If you assign the record to the wrong Course Group Requirement, you will see the record in the External Transcript. But when you view the particular Credit Program on the Transcript Report, that record will not show up. Because it isn't assigned to a Requirement on that Credit Program.

B. Enter a grade and/or credit on an enrollment record (Class Detail | Grades/Credits) where the course is associated with a Credit Program requirement.

Note: When you reach more than 100 records, make sure you're on the correct line when adding new records as the new blank record may be on the next page.


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