Why are the Version 3 reports data driven while Version 2 more printable?

The reporting engine in ASAP Version 3 is far different from the one in Version 2. In Version 2, there were over 500 preset reports, designed with a layout that you could pick and choose filters to generate a report you could print out and have 200 pages of data to look at... for the one number you wanted on page 173. 

The problem with this reporting structure were the number of variations requested. This meant that there was severe duplication of reports with just one minor change: "Cell phone, instead of home phone" or "A certain column on the right, instead of the left". And, exporting this information to Excel was practically impossible. 

In today's world of users wanting data to slice and dice and look at from 20 different angles, it is far better to provide the data to you so you can manipulate it, group it, summarize it, change it, you name it... in any format you want. Instead of 500 reports, we just create the tools you need to extract the data and edit the report as desired.

There are many reports that are designed for printing. Class rosters, attendance sheets, etc.  The majority of the reports are designed to provide you with a complete data analysis that can be modified and edited to suit your needs.


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