EMV Chip Card Readers and Swipe Machines

There are rules put in place by the credit card companies (Visa & MasterCard) effective October 1, 2015. These new rules mandate that merchants use EMV chip-enabled machines to read chip enabled credit cards. If you have a customer / student walk in and pay with a credit card, do you need to use an EMV enabled chip reader?


ASAP uses a single merchant account for each organization. This merchant account is specifically set to be a "card not present" merchant account. Designed for Internet processing by customers outside the organization (e.g. you do NOT see the card or person). These merchant accounts are not designed nor expected to read the new chips. 

Since you use the same merchant account for your Public Portal registrations / transactions as you do for anyone walking in, your in-house credit card transactions are also treated like card-not-present transactions. Which means you do not need to use EMV chip readers. The swiper is just a way to input credit card data, not to actually process the card itself.

To input the credit card information, simply purchase a basic swipe card reader (Credit Card Swiper / Reader for inputting credit card data). 


Side note: Should you obtain a "card present" merchant account to get better rates for customers who walk in with a card? In our opinion, no. All ASAP reports and configurations are designed to handle one merchant account. Balancing two merchant accounts would be very difficult and the savings on "card present" over "card not present" is not worth the very large hassle it will entail.

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