How many students passed the HSE exam?

To get a list and count of students who have passed the HSE within a date range, run the Custom Query = Student list who earned HSE within selected date range. You can use filters such as a date range (where any student with HSE Date is within range will appear) plus you can select Customer Group to filter for different student records. 

The results include the following fields:

Student Name & ID, Phone, Birthdate, Gender, Address, Home School, HSE Date, HSE Exam Type

Export the information to Excel for further use. This will show all HSE exams passed and you can filter / sort by the HSE_Type field to differentiate between GED2002, GED2014, HiSET and TASC

Please note: test scores are not included on this report. This is just a list of who passed the HSE within the date range.

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