Select / Design which fields appear on Class Details | Class Roster tab

Design your own Class Roster grid on Class Details | Class Roster Tab

You can select which fields show on your Class Roster tab of Class Details. To see what is available and configure it for your entire organization, go to Configure | Setup Data and scroll to Dynamic Class Roster. From here, select the fields you want to appear on the roster tab.

Check the boxes next to the fields you want displayed. Click Save when finished. These settings will apply to all classes, all users. 

* Please note: not all demographic fields are eligible to be shown. Those fields not showing can be printed on a Class Roster report or via the Student Report

Explanation of each field

Most are self-explanatory...

Paid = amount paid for class

Homeroom Teacher = From the demographic record of student via Reg Forms

Status = Current Enrollment Status

Grade = Grade Level from the demographic record of student via Reg Forms

Membership Status = Coming from Membership module and current membership level

Actions = Give ability to edit enrollment info, transfer, drop and email student

Grade Class = The Final Grade record for the student via the Grades/Credits tab on Class Details. Must have Credit Program Module turned on to view this tab.

Parent Name (After School) = Primary Parent's Name for organizations serving "Children" as a preference item under Configure | Preferences | Public Site = Classes Offer for.



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