Differences between Refunds and Credits

In ASAP, we have two different processes that may sound similar at first but function in two separate ways. We have refunds and we have credits. The gist of the two is that a refund in ASAP is NOT the same thing as a credit. Simply put, a credit is an account credit that can be used towards future payment or purchases. A refund simply puts whatever payment type directly towards how the student had initially paid. Let's go over how each of them function:


  • Refunds are way to return the payment type back to the purchaser. This is not in a sense, a reversal of payment, but a way in which to refund whatever monies back to the student.
  • Refunds, as mentioned, are not a reversal of payment. If you have accidentally charged the wrong amount to the student, processing a refund will not create a balance.
  • Refunds are way to settle incorrect charges, handle dropped/cancelled classes, courses, lessons, camps, etc. Here's a support article on how to do one: Refunds


  • Credits are an option if say, your organization has a non-refundable policy. What happens is instead of returning the original payment back towards the student, it creates a credit for a specified amount to be used for future purchases.
  • Credits are displayed on the student's account for them to see and use for future purchases.
  • In some instances, you may have two different types of credits turned on in ASAP. Here's a support article that explains the differences: Account Credits and Generic Credits
  • If the student requests to not use their credit or if you would like to remove the credit from the student's account, please follow these instructions to do so: Cash Out Credit
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