Merging students

You can merge duplicate student records in ASAP using the student merge tool (Tools > Student Merge). You can use the tool to search for a particular student if you suspect they have a duplicate record, or you can view all possible duplicate student records at once.

Viewing all duplicate student records

Click the Search button on the student merge page without entering anything in the search box. The page will display all of the student records that ASAP suspects are duplicates. 

Merging duplicate students

To merge duplicate student records, first click the name of the student record you wish to keep - the one that appears to be the original record, or the most up-to-date record - and then click the name of the student record that you believe is the duplicate. (You can change which student record will be kept and which will be deleted after the merge by clicking the Primary button at the top of each record.)

When you're ready to merge, click the Preview Merge button. The system will show you a preview of the new student record. If you're happy with what you see, click the Merge Students button. The merge may take up to 10 seconds.

What happens when I merge students?

When you merge two student records, the system first moves any information that only exists in the secondary duplicate record over to the primary one. This includes invoices, demographic information such as phone numbers, enrollment history, etc.

Once that information has been moved, the system deletes the secondary student record. Once that duplicate record has been deleted there is no way of retrieving it or any data associated with it.


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