Import a Version 2 (V2) transcript to Version 3

If you have a transcript record in ASAP Version 2 and you want to import that into Version 3, here are the instructions.

NOTE: You must be sure to have a specialized ASAP Version 2 Main Client that has the Export Transcript Button on Student Demographics | Input Transcript. You know you have the correct Main Client when you run this export and the resulting file has an extension of .xlsx (very important to have the last "x"). If you don't have the correct Main Client, this import will not work.

  1. In Version 3, find the student and write down the ASAP Version 3 Student ID
  2. Open ASAP Version 2 and go to Student Demographics.
  3. Click Input Transcript button and there will be a button to Export Transcript. 
  4. Export process: You will want to enter the V3 Student ID, pick 1 of the 2 options (Transcript or Transcript & Enrollments) and you will receive an XLSX file.  Save the file to your desktop or to a folder on your C drive.
    • Transcript = just the transcript records that print on the transcripts
    • Transcript & Enrollments = all records for that student, including ESL, CTE, etc. along with hours.
  5. Go to Version 3 and then click the following link —>
    1. Store this as a bookmark in your browser for future use. Once you login to ASAP V3, you can click this bookmark.
  6. Select the Import Single Students Transcript.  
  7. Click Choose File, navigate to where you stored the file from V2
  8. Click Upload and let Version 3 do its thing.
  9. You will receive a warning about what ASAP found in the file. If there are records that did not have a perfect “Requirement Group” match, you will get a warning and a listing. If there is only a few of these (or none), you can export the “error matches” for future reference. 
  10. Finalize the export. This processes the records and pushes them to the student record in Version 3.
  11. Go to the student record in Version 3 and fix any error records by clicking Edit and assigning the record to the correct Requirement Group.
  12. Print the transcript in V3 and compare to V2

* To get the correct ASAP V2 Main Client, have your IT person download it from

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