Attendance Detail Report

The Attendance Detail Report provides a flexible way of looking at each student with attendance, regardless of attendance type, by class. You can select a date range and see all attendance records for all students in the class.

There are multiple filter options available. Here is a description of what they deliver.

Default View = by day in grid format (no selection required for this view)

Only days with attendance records will display. You can select to show all calendar days (see #2 below) or only Scheduled Days (#3 below). By selecting Scheduled Days, you will not see any other attendance type like CC, CVE, Independent Study, etc. Only regular hours will appear with Scheduled Days selected.

You also have the option to choose to see only those students with attendance (see #4 below) . By default, every student appears, regardless whether they have attendance or not.
Show Daily Attendance Details

By default, the report shows a result in a grid format, with each day as a column. The Daily Attendance Details (see #5 below) option shows you a single line item record for each and every student and attendance record. Only students with attendance and all records, regardless of attendance type. The default sort is by date and then by last name. 

    • The Time In and Time Out is only provided when available
    • Hourly Attendance Type = if blank, it is a regular scheduled class day. Otherwise, this will show the Attendance Type (CC, CVE, etc.)
    • Cal Att Type column: this is for California Adult Schools breaking out the Customer Group classification: Blank = regular. Otherwise, Calworks, Concurrent, Apprenticeship or Jail

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