Customers by Customer Group Grid

You have two options with this report:

1. Which Customer Groups each student is assigned to based on the filters (Report View = Customer Groups)

2. Demographic details about every student assigned to a specific Customer Group (Report View = Customer Details)

Option 1 = Customer Groups --> If you need to see a list of every student who was enrolled within a specified date range by Time Period and which Customer Groups those students belong to, check out the Customers by Customer Group Grid under Miscellaneous. 

Listed alphabetically by last name, the report shows each student and which Customer Group(s) that student belongs to. You see a total number of Customer Groups for each student plus you see total students in each Group (based on that enrollment date range). 

Please note: this only displays students who were enrolled within the filters chosen. It does not show every student in the Customer Group. 

If you need demographic information about students assigned to a specific Customer Group, choose Report View = Customer Details and choose a specific Customer Group (along with other filters if you choose). 

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