Class Numbering: Restrictions if integrating with CASAS TOPS Enterprise (TE)

The class number field that is used in the integration with CASAS TOPS Enterprise (TE) has some limitations. The limit is 8 characters. ASA recommends that you use up to six (6) characters for the course portion followed by a period (".") followed by two (2) characters. This helps you identify the course from the class identifier very easily. 

Course = Welding

Course Code = 103040

Class = Welding on Monday's at 6 PM with John Barley.

Class Code = 103040.01


  1. ASAP allows alpha/numeric values in the course and class ID field
  2. TOPS is limited to eight (8) characters so we recommend the above model
  3. TOPS allows alpha/numeric characters. However, alpha characters are not allowed on any scannable CASAS answer sheets (Entry, Update, etc.).
    1. Which means if you do all integrations with TE via electronic means, you may use alpha characters.
    2. If you want to scan Entry / Update / answer sheets, which require the Class ID, you may not use alpha values in the course/class ID.


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