Add additional dates to a class schedule

If you wish to add additional dates to an existing class schedule or extend the class, you can do it by using “Add Additional Dates” link in the class schedule tab on class detail page. This tool will allow you to add a few additional class instances or even extend a class by a few days, without making any other changes to a class configuration. To do so you must first find the class that you wish to edit:

  • Select Find > Classes

When you find the class, select it in order to proceed to the Class Detail Page. Once you are there, select the Schedule tab. In the upper right hand corner of the class schedule tab you will notice a text box reading “Add Additional Date.” By clicking that box you can add dates or extend the class after the last class instance.

To add dates to the schedule:

  • Select > Add Additional Dates
  • In the next window select the date that you wish to add and click > Add New Date
  • If the date you selected is after the last meeting, you will be prompted with the question:

You've selected a date beyond the last meeting date of the class. Would you like to save the date and extend the class?

  • Select > Yes and close the window

At that point check the class schedule. The new date will now be listed without any previous modifications being changed.

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