Can I back date a payment or invoice in ASAP?

There are different situations that come up where an organization would like to back date a payment or change a date of an invoice in ASAP. Whether it is a payment received before being signed on with ASAP or recording an offline transaction made on a separate date, there are many occurrences as to why this may be necessary. Unfortunately, this is not a supported function in ASAP. There is not a way to change a date of an invoice or payment in ASAP.

The reason for this is due to the ramifications that this may have in changing previously recorded financial reports. The thought process of adding/editing a previous total is much more detrimental as opposed to recording the payment on the actual date made. A recommended step would be to record in the notes next to that transaction when the payment had initially been received: 

The transaction will still display on the date it was recorded in ASAP but a reference can be made as to when the payment had initially been processed.

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    Talia Payne

    This is terrible! We need to have payments on the correct date but electronic transfers come in overnight. So none of my financial reports are going to match the bank statement!?

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