Editing and removing items on the invoice

Obsoleting our old Make Adjustment tool, we have developed a new way in editing invoice items that makes it simpler, clearer, and adds some new functionality to this overall page. Before, you were requested to select a link, click on a drop down, select another drop down, then hope you have the correct fee. Afterwards, you'll have to grab a calculator and perform some math do know how much were setting the fee. Now with the "Edit Invoice" button, all of the guess work is taken out of changing the fees. 

Enable the "Edit Invoice" button

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have this feature enabled for your user account. To do so, just go to the User Access configuration page in the left nav panel and have the "Edit Invoice Amounts" check box selected:


Edit Invoice Amounts

Selecting this button will bring up some new options to choose from. As you can see, we have some new icons displayed as well as options to choose from. Let's go over what each of them do.

As you are aware, there are some underlined fields next to the numbers. Selecting these underlined numbers allows you to edit the amount of that item. The same is true for individual fees in a class:

Once you click either number, a new dialogue box will pop up. Perfect for knowing exactly which invoice items you will be editing and exactly how much you want it to be set. No more guess work up and down and no more having to figure out the previously adjusted price. It's just set the number, write the description, and go!

Edit Discounts

This feature is not just limited to the amounts on the invoice. Discounts can also be edited as well. To do so, follow the same process as above by first selecting the "Edit Invoice" button. I'll do so below on a new invoice with a discount:

After selecting this, you'll see that the discount on the invoice is now clickable as well:

Before, you used to only be able to adjust the discount down. Great whenever you need to remove the discount, but not so great if you're trying to issue a higher amount. Now you have the option to do both! In this scenario, I've decided I want to give a larger discount. First, I click on the discount amount. I want to set the discount to $10:

Just a note, only the amount of the discount is editable. Changing the name/adding a reason will not have an affect on the discount itself. As noted, I would like to set the discount to $10. After I've selected to "Save Changes", I'm brought back to the invoice with the new discount in place and calculated to the total:


Removing Items*

You may also have noticed little trash can icons next to the invoice items:

What this allows you to do is to remove the item from the invoice! A feature that has been often requested after having been removed from some time. With this trash can icon, this will allow you to remove any item on an invoice AS LONG AS THERE ARE NO PAYMENTS ALLOCATED ON IT. This will also drop the student from their enrollment as well. This means if this invoice is paid or the invoice item has any partial payments at all, the trash can icon will not display. Here in this example below, I've made a partial payment on this invoice but now want to remove one of the classes:

As you can see, the second item has been gray'd out. Because there is a partial payment allocated towards that item, we are unable to remove it. If you're not sure how payment allocations work, check out this support article: Reallocate a Payment on an Invoice

*- Removing items is still in the BETA phase and only has an affect on this page view. Other pages will display the items as dropped with the allocation reduced down to $0. This is because we actually hide these invoice items from the invoice display. This is done in order to retain historical financial records created when the revenue was generated on that day. Other displays of the invoice such as the classic view will still show the item.

Let's reset the invoice and start to make changes the invoice item and remove a class. In this instance, I've went ahead and remove the first class as well as edited the price of the invoice item to $75. Check out the invoice below:

I see the price adjustment automatically calculated as well as the first class removed.

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