Part 3 - Payment Plans

Putting an invoice on a payment plan is just as simple as it was before. First thing we want to do is start from an UNPAID invoice. From here, we'll select Actions and choose to "Put on Payment Plan". 

Selecting this option brings us to a new page with the same familiar options for setting a payment plan up. Here's the page you will be directed to:

In this instance, I'll go ahead and set this payment plan up for four months starting on 3/1/2016:

Once the payment plan is saved, I will be re-directed to the invoice page. Here, you'll see a new tab below with the payment plan:

And of course, if you need to make any edits or cancel the payment plan, just select Actions again and both options will display:

Just a couple of notes below about invoices on payment plans:

  • Once a payment plan is built you cannot edit any of the amounts on the invoice. If you would like to do so, you would need to cancel the payment plan first before editing invoice amounts.
  • Also, once the payment plan is built, you cannot add or remove items from the invoice. A dialogue box will recommend the same course of action of cancelling the payment plan before being able to make changes.
  • If you decide to apply a discount on the invoice, it is recommended to use the "Recalculate Invoice" button afterwards to make sure the discount is incorporating into the payment plan. Though the better option would be to cancel the payment plan first, then add the discount.
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