Unenroll and Adjust Invoice

Many organizations have asked what has happened to the "Mark Invoice as VOID and Unenroll" button that had been usually found on invoices marked as "UNPAID". Recently, we've changed this button to now display as "Unenroll & Adjust Invoice" with good reason to. Mainly let's get into why we've transitioned this button.

Why Not VOID?

Voiding an invoice seems like a simple enough process. The information from the invoice is incorrect. The enrollments are incorrect. I want to start over. When we had offered the "Mark Invoice as VOID and Unenroll" button, it was a quick solution to hide the information found on these invoices. The problem was that not only is voiding the invoice hiding the enrollments and items, but was also hiding all this information from financial reports.

This was fine for some smaller organizations that do not run their financial reports often, but was become challenging for larger organizations that ran many historical reports. If a voided invoice was created days/months after the initial enrollment was set, setting the invoice as VOID will in turn, hide all the information that was originally created on that date. This was causing miscalculations for credit revenues as the information had disappeared, causing organizations to think that they were to generate more income than what actually came in. Though we were adjusting the line item down, the invoice status made it negligible so that it was still hidden.

Why "Unenroll & Adjust Invoice"?

The concept here is simple. We cannot hide financial information from reports in order to keep historical accuracy. Instead, what we've opted to do is to adjust all the invoice items down to $0 and mark the invoice as paid. This keeps the initial enrollments, keeps the adjustments, as well as making it visible on financial reports.

What is "Unenroll & Adjust Invoice"?

First off, this button is only displayed on UNPAID invoices. If at any point, a payment is received on the invoice itself, this button will disappear.

Secondly, what happens is that any enrollments that are found on the invoice are dropped as long as the checkbox is selected. What also happens is that an opposite adjustment down for the equal amount is created so that invoice item no longer shows an amount. What this does is it retains when the original credit revenue was created as well as displaying the credit revenue being removed. This is done for all invoice items.

Lastly, it marks the invoice as PAID. This keeps the invoice as viewable for financial reports as well as keeps a record of it in the student's account.

What does this button not do?

This button will not remove any products, event tickets, service fees, or taxes on the invoice. This means that if any products or event tickets were created, using this button will not return quantity back to the amount available. In these certain circumstances, you would need to send these invoices into support to have us remove them manually.

As we continue to build on this product and bring back some features such as the ability to remove items on the invoice, we will announce them to all organizations. At this time though, this button is mainly for dropping a student's enrollment but retaining the financial records of it.

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