Revenue Report with Grouping - How To's

The Revenue Report with Grouping will show you all of the revenue that has been generated. This is different than cash. Revenue in ASAP refers to invoice items created. An invoice that is not paid in full will still generate revenue, it just won't be paid in full. 

The Revenue Report with Grouping allows you to filter for different types of revenue as well as group the results a myriad of different ways. Anytime you use any of the filters located above the date range section will disregard and hide certain types of invoice items | revenue

The filter options above circled in red including Time Period, Course Group, Site, Course, Teacher, Class, Department, Fiscal Year & Program will all tell ASAP to ignore any invoice | fee that is not tied to one of these. Any fee not directly tied to one of these filters such as Products, Memberships, Registration Fees, Manual Fees, Donations, etc. will not show up on the results if you use a filter.

The best way to run this report is in two steps:

1. Date Range Only: Open the report and immediately choose a date range. Select a Group By (e.g. G/L Code or Course) and then click Filter. The results of this report will show you every single invoice item created in ASAP during that date range regardless what the customer purchased. Everything will be included. Export to Excel or Print to PDF and see the totals.

2. The second step is to then analyze the revenue by using the different filters. After you have your total revenue for the date range, then use the different filters such as Time Period or Course Group or Teacher. This will allow you analyze your revenue in smaller chunks.


To understand the different columns and how to read the report, see this article: Revenue Report with Grouping

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