Part 4 - Miscellaneous

Here are some left over topics that may come up when navigating this page.

Applying Credit

To apply credit on the invoice, you would need to actually go under the "Actions" section to do so. Once done, you can select to "Apply Credit" and a dialogue will pop up that needs confirmation in order to do so:


As part of working with discounts and how they are applied to the invoice, we've also updated how they are displayed. No longer are they found at the bottom clustered as a whole amount, rather they are applied on the item level. This is how our discounts have always applied, but now we can clearly see how each item received a discount.

In this example here, we can see that the discount was applied on the invoice item and is clearly listed below it. Instead of the guess work of trying to figure out how it was divided, we can see how much of the discount is allocated to that item. If we need to apply another discount, remove it, or update how it is allocated; this can all be found in the "Actions" section:

Editing Invoice Transactions

At any time you need edit the transaction details, just select the "Edit" button below the "Invoice Transaction Details". Here's the location of the button:

And here's what happens when you select this button:

This will allow you to edit any notes as well remove any non credit card transactions. Make sure to review this article to see what this action does as well as how to access this function: How do I change the payment method on a transaction record?


Processing a refund is done the same way as before. You'll find the option to do so under "Actions".

You'll be brought to a familiar screen to process a refund. In this case, I've went ahead and made a partial refund of $45. Once done, you'll be directed back to the invoice. You'll see that the refund has been made, the amount processed under the "Full" display, as well as a new section above the "Balance" indicating how much was refunded:


One of the biggest points of contention and confusion with our customers is how we treat transfers. Before a transfer is thought of returning an item, receiving ASAP credit, then directly applying the credit to the new item. The issue though was that when the credit was applied, it used to appear as though the student was paying twice. Well, with our new invoice summary, this is no longer the case. Check out the example below here:

Notice that the class we're transferring out of has been reduced down to $0. It is no longer factored into the subtotal of the class itself. We also see that the amount paid has not changed. What used to display as a "Net Amount Paid" only shows how much the student has actually paid. 

Fee Summary

Another new change which is related to how we display transfers is the way in which fees are displayed. Fees displayed are a total of all adjustments, credits, refunds, and discounts. Adjustments can show as an addition or reduction of the fee. The latter three show as a reduction of the fee itself. Here's an example of invoice with out any changes occurring to the items:



Now here's the same invoice with credits/refunds/discounts/adjustments added to it. Note how the fees are now updated to reflect the change of price depending on the action:


Just remember, the fees will update depending on the action you take and each function is dependent on what's being made to each item.



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