Entering instructor availability

Instructor Availability is a feature that allows you to track the availability of your teaching staff. For example, if an instructor is available to teach from Monday through Thursday  but is off from Friday to Sunday, she can make these selections in Instructor Availability. The admin or registrar can also make these selections for her. Then, this availability can be referenced for future scheduling.

When scheduling a student for lessons it's helpful to know when each of your instructors are available to teach. When you enter an instructor's available days, dates and times into ASAP, that instructor's availability will appear in the calendar.

You can enter the following availability into ASAP:

Unavailable/Available days: to make an instructor available or unavailable on a specific day of the week use the drop down menu directly before the day of the week in the grid

Breaks: to give an instructor a break in ASAP click the add link and enter a time for the break. This will make the instructor unavailable to teach during these hours.

Holidays: to give an instructor a holiday during a date range, just click the "add" link in the holiday row and add a date range for the holiday.

Exceptions: an exception is a date outside the normal availability that has been entered. For example, if an instructor normally is unavailable to teach on Monday, however is free on a specific Monday, you could enter that date as an exception by clicking the "add" link in the exception row.

Currently, there is no validation for an instructor's schedule. You will not get a conflict message if the instructor is not available during the proposed time but you will get a conflict message if the instructor is already scheduled to teach during this time.

Access - give access to user types to edit the Instructor Availability tool in Configure > User Access

Important: Before you can enter availability for your instructors, first you need to create a date range to associate that availability with. Click here for more information on creating date ranges.

Also, by default instructors will be available from 9am-6pm in the chosen date range.

To enter availability for an instructor:

1. Go to Tools>Instructor Availability

2. Choose a date range in the Date Range menu to associate the availability with.

3. Click on the arrow to the left of the instructor's name to view and edit availability for that instructor. Instructors are available from 9am to 6pm by default.

If you have a lot of instructors you can use the filters or the search box at the top of the page to narrow the list of visible instructors.


  • To Add Breaks/Exceptions/Holidays click any of the "add" links in the grid
  • To make an instructor Unavailable/Available for a day click on the dropdown menu directly below the day of the week.
  • To copy the availability entered for a specific day click on the "Copy To" dropdown and choose the day of the week to copy that availability to.

5. Availability entered, including breaks, exceptions and holidays, will appear in the calendar. Unavailable times will be greyed out and times that are available for instruction will be white.



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    Lauren Magee

    The big issue with this access level is that if you turn it on for an instructor, they seem to be able to change ANY instructor's information, not just their own. They should only be able to adjust their own availability. I can see having a registrar or administrator with access to everyone's availability. So while we'd love to use this feature, we can't until it gets better delineation for instructor access.

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