Balance Due but all Invoices are Paid

This question does come up sparingly where a student will show a balance due on their details page but all of their invoices are paid. The first question that should come up is if all the student's invoices are actually paid off. Though the status of the invoice may be shown as paid, if the student has not made any payments on the invoice, the balance due will still display. Let's set up an example student:


Here we see a student with a balance due of $400 on their account but viewing the invoices, all of them are marked as PAID. This is where the discrepancy comes in. Though the status may be set to PAID, if there are not actual payments on the invoice, the student will still show that balance. Let's pull up the invoice in question that displays this issue:

As we can see here, the status is set to PAID but there's still a Total Due on the invoice. We would need to actually record a payment on the invoice before the balance is removed. I first selected to "Recalculate Invoice" in order to update the invoice to the correct status. From there, I recorded a payment for the full amount:

The invoice is now actually paid off with no balance due. And if I go back into the student's detail page:

Now there is no balance due found on their account.

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