Lesson durations

When scheduling a private lesson, you will need to select a duration for the new enrollment. These durations are configured under Setup data in your admin tool.

The private lessons module in ASAP comes with 4 built in durations: 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes, which will be tied to different rates. 


If your school conducts lessons that are, let's say, 2 hours long, or you'd like a different customized duration, you will be able to add in new durations by following the steps below.  The name does not need to be numeric but the code must be numeric:


1. from your admin tool click "Configure">"Setup Data"

2. scroll down the page until you get to the "Lesson Length" section

3. click inside the text box next to "Name" and create a name for the duration (120 minutes, for example)

4. create a code for the duration (ex, 120).  The code for the duration must be numeric.

5. click the save link

Your new duration will now be ready in the system.

Note: if you'd like to schedule lessons at the new duration, you will need to go to Private Lessons>Fee Tiers and set up an amount to be charged for that lesson duration.

Also, it is highly recommended not to delete the default durations under setup data. These could be tied to existing lessons.

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