Same day edits to the invoice

How often is it that we create an invoice and realize either the price is wrong or that we make an adjustment on the item but it was done accidentally? Maybe we're trying to add a fee but accidentally typed in the wrong number. Happens all the time. Well, with our new invoice build, we offer a way to make these quick edits without having to constantly clutter your invoice with adjustments and do-overs. With the concept of same day edits, you're allowed to edit the price of any items on the invoice without having it display as individual adjustments.  Let's go over what this looks like below:


Here I have an invoice with a class that I want to change the fee for. First, we need to select the "Edit Invoice" button. If you're unfamiliar with what this button does, here's a link to the support article here:

Editing items on the invoice

Once done, I'm given the option to select which fee I want to change. In this scenario, I want to change the $200 fee to $100:

After selecting the fee, I'm given a pop up display that gives me the option to change the fee:

Once I click "Save Changes", I'm brought back to the invoice with the updated amounts. Noting that no adjustments are showing, even though I'm in the "Full" view mode:

Additional Notes:

  • Same day adjustments are made for quick changes to the invoice without having to affect financial records. They're used to make on the fly edits.
  • Same day adjustments are able to be made up until the end of your organization's calendar day. Once it is rolled over, adjustment lines will start to display.
  • Since these are not adjustments, rather just changes to the actual fee, no notes will be recorded when creating the change. Only the fee is updated.
  • This is not limited to classes, rather all fees found on the invoice can be changed. This includes discounts as well!


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