User access for instructor availability

We've added a new user access setting for Instructor Availability to give you the ability to control who can view and edit availability. This setting will be deselected by default, so that staff both administrators and instructors will be restricted from creating custom date ranges and edit availability.

When deselected, the system will restrict access for that user type. The user type will still be able  to view their own availability but will not be able to see availability for other instructors or add or edit custom date ranges.

Here are the steps to configure access for Instructor Availability:

  1. go to Configure>User Access from the left navigation panel of your admin tool
  2. choose the user access type from the dropdown menu
  3. scroll to the very bottom of the page and either select or deselect the setting "Allow access to Instructor Availability"
  4. save and login with new settings.


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