Accepting different credit card types

As an organization, your job is to make the customer's life easier when accepting payment with our system. You may already have credit cards set up but would like to offer different credit card types in order to process multiple card types. Setting this up is quite simple. Depending on your merchant gateway, different credit card types will be available for your system. To configure this, you would just need to go to the left nav panel under Configure > Preferences. Under the "Payment And Transaction Configuration" section, there's a "Credit Cards Accepted" field.To update this, just select "Edit" and click on the check boxes you would like to update:

Selecting "Edit" will give you different options of credit card types that can be accepted in our system. The four credit card types are Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover:

Once you check the boxes of card types accepted, just select Save and now these options will appear as credit card types when your customers make a payment. Just note that there may be fees associated with each credit card type in addition to any ASAP fees. Please discuss this with your payment gateway before adding other credit card types.

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