How do I email an account statement to an individual family?

There will be times in your organization where an individual family would need to be contacted if they have multiple outstanding invoices in their account. Instead of having to send each invoice to them one by one, we offer the ability to send them an account statement. Their account statement displays all outstanding invoices in their account with a link to go into each one of the invoices.

First, you would need to find the customer's account that you want to email. You can search for them individually or run the A/R Aging report to pull up a list of student account's that are over due. Either option, you would need to click thru to view the student details page. From the student details page, you would select the Invoices tab. Under this tab, there's a link called "Pay all unpaid invoices".

Selecting this will give you the option to email their entire account statement that's still due:

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