Steps to deliver ASAP Version 2 database to ASA

Please follow these instructions to arrange delivery of the ASAP Version 2 database to the ASA Engineering Department.

  1. Office Staff: Prepare data with the ASAP Main Client
    1. Time Periods - mark all Time Periods that contain students that should be transferred to Version 3. Click Setup | Time Periods and mark "Move to V3". Most schools mark up to two (2) years of Time Periods. Students enrolled in one or more classes in any of these time periods will be migrated
    2. Perkins / COE schools - mark all Courses that should be moved to Version 3 by clicking Setup | Courses and on Course Overview, click box to right that says "Move to V3". Focus on CTE courses. There is no need to mark all of them.
  2. IT Department
    1. Make a full SQL backup of the database
    2. Zip the backup file to prepare for upload. Please verify zip file is valid.
    3. Upload the password protected file to Google Drive or Dropbox or any secure shared drive.
    4. Send a secure link to Steven Chen at ASA.


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