How do customers make a partial payment on an invoice?

ASAP does allow customers to make partial payments on the invoice. However, this rule only applies for an invoice that has already been created. Customers do not have the ability to make a partial payment while completing their registration online. An admin would need to send them an invoice in order for them to do so. Once the invoice is created, the customer can log into their account and go to the actual invoice they're trying to make a partial payment on.

First off, you would need to turn on this ability for your customers. To do so, just go to the left nav panel under Configure > Preferences. From there, you would just need to go to the section "Payment and Transaction Configuration" and check the box marked "Allow customers to make partial payments on existing invoices":

Once done, your customer should be able to pay by going to their account. Once logged in, they would just need to select the My Billing Info tab and select "pay now" next to the invoice:

After selecting the button, there will be an option below the invoice totals that allows for a partial payment to occur:

Once selected, the customer will be able to enter the amount they're intending to pay on the invoice:

Once an amount is entered, the student can then complete their payment and create an invoice status of PARTIAL. Some notes on this:

  • This will only work for online transactions such as credit cards and E-Checks. Customers are not able to use any other form of payment nor are they able to make a partial amount using ASAP Credit. ASAP Credit will always apply the full amount on the account.
  • If the status of the student's enrollment was "Pending", their status will not update to "Enrolled" until the invoice is completely paid off. This is true in regards to deposits. Here's a support article that details this procedure: How do I allow students to pay a deposit on my public site?
  • Customers who are on the A/R Aging report will still display the same overdue date, regardless if they have paid a partial amount. For their name to be removed from this report, they would need to completely pay the amount off.
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