Table 1: Total Adults Served - Instructional Programs And Services

Total Adults Served - Instructional Programs And Services 

Show an unduplicated count of total adults served, no attendance required, broken down by Ethnicity, Gender and Age. These are students who have been "touched", including all enrolled students, even those who may have never shown up to a single class. No attendance required.


  1. Courses must be assigned to at least one AEBG Course Group
  2. Student must have an enrollment in at least one class which is assigned to an AEBG Course Group. No attendance required.
  3. Student count is unduplicated, meaning no matter how many classes they have taken or enrolled in, across one or many AEBG Programs, that student is counted once and only once.
  4. Filipino will be included in Asian category (per AEBG office)
  5. Mixed Heritage will be in the "Two or more Races" category
  6. Missing birthdate will be included in 22 - 34 category.


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