Add a second (2nd) logo to the transcript report

ASAP already displays the organization logo in the top right of the transcript report. If this doesn't show (and it should on all your invoices as well as transcript). The primary logo must be named logo.jpg and loaded via Configure | Online Registration Site | Upload Your Logo.

The second logo on the transcript will be added via the transcript report. This logo will appear directly to the right of the Requirements Grid when a credit program is selected. The organization can display one second logo, but cannot display a different 2nd logo for different Credit Programs. Only one 2nd logo image can be stored.


Go to the transcript report and click the link in the top right called "Upload second logo". Follow the instructions and be sure your logo is a good size (not too big, not too small or it will be pixelated) and can include text, images, etc. such as an accreditation logo (WASC, COE, etc.) and wording such as "Accredited by...". This image must include the logo and any text as it was not designed to handle this separately.

Once you upload the image, give ASAP a moment to store and set the image. Then run a transcript and you will see the image appear under the details and to the right of the requirements grid.

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