Verify students will be counted as Completers for Perkins / COE

The Perkins CDE 101 E-1, E-2 and COE report are based on the Credit Programs that are setup and each credit program's individual settings. The most important factor for these reports is the students settings and records within the Capstone Course for each Credit Program.

To be counted as a Completer on the Perkins and COE report, a student must be a Concentrator. This means enough attendance hours and enrollments within the Credit Program

  1. Attendance => 50% of the instructional hours
  2. Enrollments > 50% of the number of classes

To be counted as a Completer, a student must have the following records. Within the Capstone Course of the Credit Program, the student must:

  1. Enrollment status = Completed
  2. Grade = A, B, C or P --> any value in the grade field means "Took Assessment". A grade of A, B, C or P means student also "Passed Assessment".
  3. Pass/Completed = Yes (checked) --> this signifies student earned a certificate

For COE only...

Each student must also have a Diploma Date and License Exam Date and Earned. 

  1. Diploma Date - enter the date the student officially finished the sequence / pathway by going to Student Details | Credits tab. Select the credit program from the dropdown and enter a Diploma Date.
    1. This date will also print on the Transcript as Certificate Date
  2. License Exam Date - when the student will take the license exam
  3. License Exam Passed - if the student passes the exam, check the box

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